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 Fifth Floor

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PostSubject: Fifth Floor   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:15 am

Me and my partner rented a studio-type condo unit and the building has only 4 floors and our unit is at the 4th floor. The first day of our stay there. I explored the building. I knew that there is a rooftop. I tried to go to the rooftop but it was blocked by a bed so many ply woods and chain-locked, locked as if it will never be opened, as if it will be locked forever. It was after my shift (which is 12PM).

I arrived at our unit around 1:00PM and no one is there but me, after 2 hours of waiting, my partner came in. And since his shift ends at 7:00 AM, he is obviously late and without notice that he will be late. So, we had a 1 hr discussion why he is late. Anyway, to make the side of story short, after we fought we decided to just go to bed and sleep.

We are already sleeping for almost an hour and I suddenly woke up because my partner is whispering these words "wag kang aakyat sa fifth floor" which means "don't go to the 5th floor" I keep on asking him why we should not. But I got no answer from him. He did not answering me back but he keeps on whispering and repeating himself with those words. And I saw his body rising up from the bed but in such strange way, closed eyes while keep on whispering those words. I tried to force his body to go back to bed. But I can't and he is still unconscious about what is happening. Continuously repeating these words. "Don't go upstairs, don't go to the 5th floor" I run out of the unit and go to the hallway to see if I can get some help, but I can't find no one. I called our friend while crying and scared to death, but I could not even explain what is happening.

I went back to the unit with no help from our neighbors. He still unconscious and still saying those words. I am still crying and still trying to wake him up but I know that he still unconscious and I know that there is strange that is happening. I slapped his face, I pushed back his body towards the bed every time his body is rising up from bed. I am still crying and now screaming to death. No one can hear me. I am still crying while directly looking at his face then he suddenly open up his eyes. His reddish eyes. Red as if he had a sore eyes. And he asked, why am I crying and looked scared. I told him everything happened. And he could not believe me. He doesn't want to believe me. Because he said that he had a good sleep. And he wasn't aware of what happened.


The next day... I am alone in the unit, I am sleeping but I know that I am conscious of what is happening around me, and I saw a little boy wearing a school uniform, he seems like he is grade 2 student. He appears like he was all wet and some part of his uniform are torn as if it was torn intentionally and he was just staring at me eye to eye. And his face looks like he is seeking for help. And I know that I heard he said "WAG KANG AAKYAT SA FIFTH FLOOR" (DON'T GO TO THE FIFTH FLOOR)

I realized maybe because it is somewhat related why the fifth floor or the doorway going to the rooftop is locked. I asked the guard of the building if there is something that happened at the fifth floor. And the guard told me that, it is important that I should not even try to go to the fifth floor. And there's a little boy killed at the fifth floor.

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Fifth Floor
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