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 Employees On The 18th Floor

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PostSubject: Employees On The 18th Floor   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:12 am

This happened when I was still working in Ortega's. The office was located in a twenty story building, most of the building is occupied by our office, there were also other offices and companies that are tenants on other floors but the 18th floor was vacant (during that time).

Since I was working as a customer service representative (call center agent) the office hours starts from 8:00 PM until two in the afternoon the next day (manila time). There are rumors that if you are alone in the elevator and it stops on the 18th floor be ready for there will be a surprise. It was an infamous story that there was an old tenant who committed suicide on that floor since the building used to be a residential building.

There was one time when I was alone inside the elevator since our team is stationed on the 19th floor and it would be my first day with the team so it would also be my first time to venture on the higher parts of the building (during my first two months I was on training and training department holds office on the fourth and 12th floor.) I was excited since I will be able to check the facilities on the upper floors.

It was around one in the morning when I arrived in the lobby and since my shift starts at two I was not in much hurry. I was alone in the elevator then I press the 20th floor since I would like to have a good meal first before going to work (there was a cafeteria located on the 20th floor where the best foods yet low priced are served). I was alone and then suddenly the elevator stopped when it opened it was dark outside it was then that I noticed that it was the 18th floor then when the door closed it was so cold and then the elevator buzzer went on and on the small monitor it read overloaded it opened again then it closed and the temperature went back to normal and then it was no longer overloaded and it went straight to the 20th floor.

It happened not only once but a lot of times especially when I was alone or with my friend who also feels them. Most of the time it would show overloaded or you would just hear a cry in the midst of the darkest on the 18th floor. My friend and I decided to survey the are one time after our shift which ends before noon and yes there was an entity/spirit of a middle aged lady that seems to stick to the place and also other spirits that seems to loiter around the whole building.

Well it was kind of scary since most parts of the building is haunted also the fourth floor where trainings are held well as for now see you again don't worry I will tell you the story of the kid on the fourth floor one day.
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Employees On The 18th Floor
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