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PostSubject: Diana.........   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:08 am

I was packing my things when my room mate Diana went in. We are studying on different school but we are room mates for 3 years. She was jolly and nice. But that afternoon she looked sad. I asked her what was wrong with her but she assured me she's ok. She's just tired so I didn't bother her. She lies on her bed and close her eyes. When I finished doing my things I bid her goodbye. She rose, hugged me and told me to take care. I smiled at her and told her to give me a call if she needs someone to talk to.

I am going home for the weekends, as my daily routine for 3 years. I was thinking of Diana on my way home. As I reached home I decided to call her but I cannot reach her. I started to get worried. I told my mom about it and she told me maybe she was sleeping and her phone got low bat. I dismiss the thoughts that are coming in my mind, I am not feeling good on whatever is happening on her. Around 9: 15 pm after our dinner I received a call from her. I told her I was worried about her and it's a good thing she called.

"Stop worrying cat, I'm ok. I just want to tell, you you're so nice and I'll miss you."

"What are talking about? I will be back on Sunday afternoon, you never miss me during weekends!" This sounded weird now and my hands got cold! "Are you not going home?" I asked her.

"No. Look Cat I need to go now, goodnight. Just send my regards to your mom"

"Ok, I'll just tell her. Bye" she cut the line and my heart was still pounding fast. I told my mom Diana is ok, she just called me and she sends you her regards. After few minutes my cell phone rang, it was our land lady. She was crying and freaking out. I cannot understand what she is saying. I told her to calm down and tell me what happened.

She told me that at around 8:45 pm they heard a noise from our room, so she decided to come. She knocked and called Diana because she knows I already left that afternoon, but there are no response, so she opened the door. She almost got a heart attack when she saw Diana hanging on the ceiling! She then called other borders and asked for help but when they got Diana down, she was no longer breathing. They tried to revive her while the ambulance was on its way but she was dead already!

I was speechless! She just called me few minutes ago! It can't be! The hair on my nape rose! My bloods run cold! I don't know what to say.

"Catherine, are you still there?" Our land lady asked me.

"Yes. Where is she now?"

"We already called her parents, they are on their way to pick-up her body."

Her body, I can't believe it.

We ended the call and I told my mother what happened. She also cannot believe what happened.

The following day we went to Diana's place for the funeral. I still can't believe everything happened just like that. I told her mom our last talk, she cried and told me she also received a call from Diana but that was before she did it.

Until now, I cannot believe what happened. I am just praying that wherever she is, she's just ok. Liked what she told me.
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