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 Demon, Astral Projection& Sleep Paralysis

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PostSubject: Demon, Astral Projection& Sleep Paralysis   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:08 am

This event left me wondering all this time. Until now, when I remember it, it keeps me asking what the hell happened that time and why did it happened. So I hope to make this short and I just need some help or explanation for this.

I'm sorry I could hardly remember the year it happened, but I was in my room sleeping, my feet pointing in my door (door was closed). The time was between 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning, I knew because I checked the time when I got back to my senses. So there, I was sleeping and then I just suddenly woke up but could not move. I knew my eyes were open but I could feel my eyelids closed but I could see the surrounding. Hope you get what I mean. I was trying to move but it was so hard that I could not move any part of my body, and then all of a sudden, I was there lying on my bed, but I was seeing myself in front of me looking at myself lying on the bed. It took a few seconds, and then I started praying the Our Father, but I was so scared when I heard someone saying something. I could not distinguish whether it was a man or a woman but the voice sounded scary to me. It was saying just a word, I knew it was one word but it was very very long and it sounded like a demon.

The voice kept saying the same long word while I was on the other hand struggling to move. By that time, I couldn't remember if I could still see myself standing looking at me. I was so focused and forcing myself to move any part of my body. I tried my best to move my right hand and it wasn't working and then I remember my uncle told us one time that when we are experiencing sleep paralysis, we should try to move the easiest part of the body that can be moved, and that he said is our butt because we can contract it, and I tried it and then I was finally able to move.

I experienced sleep paralysis if that's what you call it several times. There were times when it felt like my soul was being sucked out of my body and I on the other hand struggled to get it stay on its place. Every time it happens, I only try to focus and tell myself move move move and then within a blink of an eye I could move.

There was also one time just late last year (2009) when I was sleeping in the kitchen of my apartment and my friend was sleeping in our bedroom. I knew it was around 6 am because I heard her awake and getting herself ready for a shower. I opened my eyes, I could hear her talking to me, 'coz she thought I was awake. I could feel her moving around inside the bedroom and then there I was wide awake but could not move. I was shouting, I was calling her name, I knew I was but when I asked her after that she said she wasn't hearing me. I told her I could hear her talking, and even repeated what she was saying and she said that was what she said but still claimed she didn't hear me answer. So scary.

Did I experience astral projection?

Is that a good gift or not?

Who was the voice?

I believe it was a demon.

Please help me, is it possible to stop having sleep paralysis?
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Demon, Astral Projection& Sleep Paralysis
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