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 De Lasalle University

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PostSubject: De Lasalle University   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:07 am

The story I was about to tell is you is not mine, but my sister's.

She worked as a photo shoot staff for different universities. During this time, she had so many student friends. One of these was a girl who died from choking during the photo shoot before the graduation day.

On that night, she had to extend her working hours in the school just to finish arranging each of the photos for different colleges/courses. Around 7pm, all of the students on that department had left. She was alone.

While sitting on a big table with pile of pictures, her computer at the other corner of the room opened automatically and the graduation song played. She was horrified to think that she was alone in the room and she never turned on the multimedia player. She then went to the computer and turned it off. She went back to her desk and continued with her work.

After awhile, the computer again, turned on itself and played the graduation song. This time, she ran out of the room and went to the guard's station, reported the incident and went home. At the house, she realized that maybe the ghost who played the graduation song was the girl who died that day.

Since the building was old and had done so many renovations, there was this "haunted elevator" for which the faculty and the admin. Closed and banned the students to use it because of the hauntings. It was said that once you entered the elevator, the lights will automatically turned off and you will be then touched by COLD Hands. Most of the students, even the professors found fainted in the said elevator.

The reason for the hauntings was a student who died in suffocation. It was Saturday, around 6pm; she had used the elevator when the power switch had turned off. She was trapped and cried for help, no one rescued her. Sunday, no classes. Monday morning, she was found dead, suffocated.

Another haunting was the day before the BAR examination. At 8pm, all students should be disbursed because at 9pm, the judges will then roam the whole place for any possible leakages. The night guards were the ones to check the whole building.

Unfortunately, a new night guard was assigned to check the farthest building. He opened the Lab Room and noticed a student at one corner, somewhat typing on the computer. The guard from the door said: "Sir, we need to disburse all the students here before the judges come". Still, the student continued on what he was doing. "Sir, please, rules are rules". No response... Afraid that the student might get irritated and afraid to loose his job, he decided to call on the radio and asked the other night guards to talk to the student instead. While waiting for his colleagues to come, hoping that he can convince him, he stepped on to the room and closed the door, from a distance he said: "Sir, don't get me wrong here but I will loose my job if the judges found out that you were still here, I need you to step out of the room and continue with your project tomorrow"...again, no reply. He tapped the students shoulder, finally the student stopped typing and faced him. But the creepy part that made him faint is that the student had no FACE at all.

Every night before the Bar exam, when the night guards roamed the building and saw a particular student wearing blue shirt, they will never tried to talk to him or forced him to get out of the room. They knew it was HIM.
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De Lasalle University
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