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 Dark Guardian Angel

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PostSubject: Dark Guardian Angel   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:06 am

I'm not sure if this is considered haunting or something. Maybe I'm just confused about this certain occurrence that happened to me when I was younger up to my early 20's. Let me tell you what it was about.

Back in high school, I shared my bedroom with my younger stepbrother. There are times my step-grandmother would also sleep in the same room, beside my stepbrother. He is always sick so she'd sleep beside him at night to make sure he was okay all the time.

One morning, she asked me if I felt anything different the night before. I don't remember experiencing anything other than a very good night sleep and that's what I told her. She said that that night, she woke up in the wee hours of the morning to take a pee, and when she came back the room, she saw a huge shadow of what looked like a man, bent down and looking down at me. When she tried to approach it, the shadow disappeared. I told her she might just be dreaming or she might have not been wearing her glasses so she thought she saw something. But she told me to take care anyway.

I never really thought about it until when I was already working at my first job. I worked as an Outlet Auditor for a small company. I suddenly thought about what my step-grandmother saw when one of my colleagues asked me if I saw the shadow in front of me. Apparently, while I was working on the computer, my colleague was about to enter the inner office, where my desk is located, to submit some documents to me, when she suddenly saw this huge shadow of a man standing in front of my desk and looking at me, but when she saw him, the shadow ran towards the rest room. I told her I did not see anything at all or felt anything. We both shrugged it off.

From then on, a lot of other colleagues I have kept asking me if I do see a shadow, always present in front of my desk. And all the time, if anyone of them will approach the shadow or try to catch my attention, the shadow would bolt and run to the rest room. Some colleagues of mine tried to even check the rest room at one time to see if anyone's there but they saw no one.

Even my supervisor sometimes sees the said shadow. Whenever he looks over my desk (we are 3 in the inner office, including my boss), he would see a shadow of a man in front of my desk, but he always shrugs it off thinking it's just his eyesight playing a trick on him. He told me this when we went on a company outing and he saw the same form of shadow beside me while I was grilling some fish beside the pool. He said that it just looked like a tall male shadow, just standing there, looking.

A lot of people have seen this shadow all through out my life. But after I have had a miscarriage, which happened later on in my life, I have never heard of anyone asking or telling me about the shadow man. I don't know if they are even related because the shadow man started to be seen since high school up to the early years of my work life.

I'm curious to know what happened to him. Is it possible that this is a ghost or a guardian? Hope someone can enlighten me. And thanks for reading another of my stories.
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Dark Guardian Angel
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