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 Dancing Boy

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PostSubject: Dancing Boy   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:05 am

This is my 2nd story. This happened at the same building which I told of in my 1st story (Unseen Classmate), my review school located at Recto Manila.

June of 2006, as I remember, it was 3:00 in the afternoon. We have just finished our short break. Me and four of my classmates always go to the building rooftop to have get some air. While we climbed up to the stairs we felt a cold air. This is unusual because there's no window and the door to the rooftop is always closed. That's why there is no way the air can get inside.

We ignored it. We continued our chatting a while on our way to the rooftop. When we reached the door to rooftop it was closed. One of my classmates tried to open it, but the grills on the door were closed, and it was locked (there was a door and another grill to prevent thieves).

We were very disappointed to see that the grills were locked and decided to go down. While we are in our steps to go down, we heard a child laughing at the rooftop. We stopped and thought, is that sound really coming from the rooftop? We go upstairs and look outside. In our amazement we saw a boy, but we could only see his back (facing his back). Based on his height, he was 3 to 4 years old. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and a blue short pants. He was facing the streets and dancing.

He didn't look like a ghost, but really like a live boy, but me and may classmate could tell that there's something creepy. Somethings not right. We looked at him laughing and dancing, without anyone, alone (if you're the parents, do you think it safe to leave your child in that high place?) at the top of a high building. The only place he could enter was locked. How do you think he could get there?

They say that you can tell if what you see is the living or ghost by how your body reacts. When you feel that your face becomes thick, you feel cold inside, the hair on your body rises and you start shaking tremendously because you feel really scared. This is what me and my classmate felt. We couldn't move but we tried our best to go back in ourselves. We moved slowly to go down. We wanted to run but we couldn't. It seemed that the apparition of the boy sucked all our energy.

While on the way down, and still in state of shock, the janitor of the building saw us. I guess she noticed that we were scared of what we saw at the rooftop. She ask "You see him?" and we asked her "See who?" what she answered made us believe what we saw was a real ghost. She said "You see him I'm sure, you see dancing boy". She gave us a weird smile and walked behind us. Well, I can tell that janitor knew something.

Do you guys think what we saw was a ghost? If not, how can you explain the reaction of our bodies? Why did we all feel scared at the same time?

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Dancing Boy
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