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 Dad's New House

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PostSubject: Dad's New House   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:04 am

I grew up in a family that believes in the spirit world that much. Most members of our family see things and we often talk about it. I was still very young when I started to realize that I see things. My third eye was very active back then and luckily now, I only get to feel them but still see them sometimes. This is my first story to share and it dates back in 2004 when my father (Who has a family of his own now since they got separated with my mom, I live at my mom's place) rented an old house that used to be a library before in Capitol site, Cebu. I was 14 but that wasn't the first encounter that I had with ghosts.

When school was over, we used to take a 2-week vacation at my dad's place with my siblings to spend time with him and my half-siblings. When we first got to the house, we noticed that we always felt uncomfortable and that there was something odd with the place.

Let me describe the house first. The house was "L" shaped. It has 8 bed rooms, 4 bathrooms, a big kitchen, and 2 living rooms. Only 6 bedrooms were used because my sisters shared the same room, me and my brothers shared one room, a room for my elder sister, one for my elder brother, room for the house helpers or yayas, and the master's bedroom where my father and stepmother slept. The other 2 rooms were usually used to store unused things.

It was around 9pm and all of us watched TV in our room (boy's room). I remember that we turned the lights on as we watched a movie. My brother RJ (not his real name) was already asleep next to me. I already felt sleepy watching the movie and eventually followed my brother into a deep slumber. I don't remember the time but I woke up feeling so cold. The lights were already off but I could still see the area well because of the light outside the window. Thinking that the AC was set high, I was planning to lower the AC down when I realized that someone, rather something was standing just a few inches right beside my feet. A lady was staring at me and I was so scared that I wasn't able to move a single muscle on my body. I could see the form of her face but couldn't get a clear picture of it and worse was she was just inches away from me! I was shaking already when I remembered my brother beside me. With all the courage left in me at that time, I managed to close my eyes and wake my brother up asking him to move closer to me. Reasoning out that I was feeling cold, my brother moved closer. I covered myself with my blanket and started praying hard (I forgot how many times I repeated the apostles creed because of the fear I felt) until I fell asleep again.

That morning when we had our breakfast, I asked my brother if he noticed anything unusual when I woke him up. He said that he didn't find anything unusual but he asked why we were still watching TV with all the lights on at a very late hour. I was shocked when I heard that and told him the story. We got so scared that we asked one of our yayas to sleep with us on our room the nights after that.
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Dad's New House
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