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 A Ghost in Heat

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PostSubject: A Ghost in Heat   Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:36 am

I remember once that my husband and I were arguing about the paranormal. Specifically ghosts that haunt the living. He was a wee bit scared sleeping in my ancestral home.

Let me give you a background of our home sweet home. I live in a 39 year old house inside a compound. There are 5 houses in a row each facing another group of 5 houses. It was said that the place, where our compound was housed, was haunted. This was the place where Katipunero soldiers passed to get to Balintawak. This was a forest where ambushes and battles took place. Thus there were many people who lost their lives here. Even the maids in our house told us of their own experiences with the ghosts that haunt the house.

So my husband will was not so keen in sleeping in the house. His third eye was slightly if not reluctantly open. He used to experience and see ghosts wherever he went and in the places he lived.

We were already getting ready to go to sleep. We were lazing away in bed just watching the television. He said that since he began sleeping in the house a week ago he had never experienced any sighting. He said he was lucky - maybe. I was teasing him and said maybe the ghost in the house did not like him enough to warrant a look see. He turned off the television and snuggled deeper into the covers. The air conditioning was on. I also fixed my pillow and snuggled and positioned my self getting ready to go to bed. He then turned to me - a little pale. He said "Honey there is something sitting at the end of the bed next to me." I answered back that it was just his imagination getting the better of him. He said that he felt the bed sag on his side. I turned toward him and just embraced him reassuring him that it was just one of the ghost saying hello.

I was so used to having a ghost or "dwende" in my room. Each room in the house has its own entity residing in it. Each a unique paranormal entity. I have never really been bothered with them since they have never hurt anyone in the house hold. They are felt, heard and sometimes seen by the people living in the house.

My husband just asked me to keep my arms around him. Embracing and reassuring him that nothing would happen to him. So I guess we were already noding off to sleep since I remember that I was already somewhat dreaming. He suddenly shook me to wake me up. He said wide eyed "Honey it's not near the end of the bed anymore. It's touching my penis." With that we both sat up. I told him the best way is just to say a prayer. I took the holy water that I keep in the room for emergencies - like this. I sprayed the whole room more on the bed. I was hoping that the entity - who or whatever it was would be cooled by the spray of holy water.

We prayed then lay on the bed and pulled up the blanket. We slept and next thing I knew I woke up to see the rays of the sun passing through the curtains of my room. It was already morning.
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A Ghost in Heat
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