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 Was that Love or Sacrifice?

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PostSubject: Was that Love or Sacrifice?   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:48 pm

Nadia and Fasial were cousins. Both of them were neighbors. They were engage in their childhood. Both of the families were very happy for this. But as it is said! “Time Changes” Era took a turn.

Suddenly an earthquake hit the area and Fasial lost his house and property.This earthquake did not only took his wealth but also took the happiness of his life…
They came to Rawalpindi where Nadia and her family were settled now. Fasial had lost every thing but he had only one thing with him that was his courage and it was only because of Nadia’s love. He began struggle. He completed his education and got a job in a office.
Considering that Fasial has began to earn, his mother went to Fasial’s Uncle to ask for his daughter for Fasial. She proposed to make them married because both of them were deep in LOVE. But he refused saying! “Nadia has been engaged to Raheel and they are getting married soon”
Fasial’s mother came back on the same steps. She knew that Raheel is the son of a millionaire and now Fasial has lost his everything and does a job for few thousands only, why would they prefer Fasial on Raheel? Just on the basis of LOVE! But shit!
He fell on his bed there he found a letter. He began to read a letter,
“Sallam! with LOVE,
This wealth lover world can not understand our Love. Mom wants to make me marry to Mr Raheel. And I can’t do so. I would prefer die on such a marriage. If you wants me to see alive just get me out of such a house. We will make our own world. Where there will be only you, me and our LOVE.”
He read the letter for many times but could not took any decision. At the end he began to write a letter.
“Dear Beloved Nadia,
I read your letter for many times and it had taken me to such a difficult situation that my brain has stopped working. I am unable to think. I don’t know what to do and what not to do. When I look our family respect on our side and our Love on the other which way I should go? Please do not force me so that I got mad.
Your Love”
Suddenly the door opened and he saw Nadia in front of him, It was 3:30am. He was shocked to see her. He said “Nadia you! and at this time!” She shouted at him, just tell me what you want me to do. He said “I can’t do anything against just our family respect.”
She left and said “Good bye forever.”
Few days passed and Faisal became weaker and weaker. Her mother went to his uncle once again. He said to her “I don’t know they are so deep in Love but it is too late. Her mother has arranged for everything. And I can’t do anything.”
Fasial’s mother ended her knees and said, “I am not here as a sister but as a beggar, Please!”
He only replied, “I am sorry”
After some days, Nadia got married with Raheel.
The news reached to Fasial After that he began weakener and weaker. His friend Dr.Arshad tried to save his life, but all in vain. Now Fasial was totally out of his senses and her mother was busy in praying for him.
One day Fasial came to his senses once only. He opened his eyes and cried the name only “NADIA…”
lt was his lost breath.
If he wished he could get Nadia with her will but except doing so he consider it to be a sin even thinking about it and he destroyed his life for his family respect but did not let the world raise fingers on the pure word of “LOVE”. But LOVE died in competition with wealth
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Was that Love or Sacrifice?
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