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 Love is the second name of Trust

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PostSubject: Love is the second name of Trust   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:44 pm

Sad Love Stories reflect some sad events of someone’s life. Sad love stories depict the pain and regret of life which someone feels when he is deceived or get pain by his loved one. Hope you will find these sad love stories very impressive.

It often happens that small mistakes result in big losses.This story is emphasizes on such a mistake that resulted in destruction of three lives.
Nazia had just taken the matriculation exam and now she was free. Her family had very good relations with her only aunty in Karachi. Therefore she went to Karachi to spend her holidays.They were living very happy.She spent her whole day in enjoying with her cousins.
She did not want to come back to home.One day her father called and told that Nazia had passed her matriculation with 1st Division.She became very happy because she got a chance to live some more days with her cousins.That day Asia(her cousin)said we should enjoy the time by arranging a party.They decided to go out far a picnic.But there was a problem.Her aunty’s car was busy.How would they go out for picnic? Wajid (her elder cousin) said, “I will arrange a car from any of my friends.”
Asia said, “why don’t you ask to Asghar?”
Wajid liked the idea. Asia said, “brother let us invite him too?”
They asked Nazia and she said she had no objection if he was so close to their family.
Wajid called Asghar and he said he will on time.When they reached their destination Nazia could not avoid Asghar.He was a handsome boy.He came to Nazia and said that he was very please to see her. She replied that she was also glad to see him. He said, “but your face is saying something different.” She turned back and went to sit apart.She was feeling some strange about that stranger. His LOVE had penetrated to her heart.She tried a lot but couldn’t stop her eyes. They came back. Now Asghar often came to their home but Nazia avoided him. She was just afraid that if Asghar didn’t love her what would happen.
One day her aunty and family went to attend a marriage ceremony. She was alone at home.Suddenly door bell rang and she became afraid.She went the to the door and asked who was at the door. The reply was!Asghar.
Click here for more Short Love Stories of strange love.
She opened the door and told Asghar that the family was not at home.Asgher said then what happened. He said , “You are here.I was looking for many days for this moment. He said,
Whether you believe me or not but it is true.”
Now Nazia became relaxed and accepted.
After some days Nazia’s father came and took her back to the home. She came to her home. But now they wrote letters to each other. One day Asia came to know all this. She was very much disturbed because she also loved Asghar. She wanted to break them apart. She thought a plan and wrote a letter to Nazia that Asghar was not a good boy but he was a flirt and deceiving Nazia. On the other hand Asia told Asghar that Nazia was not a nice girl she was a flirt and she was going to marry Asia’s brother Wajid. Both of them listened to Asia but they did not talk to each other about all this. Because they did not have trust to each other. Both of them got misunderstandings but they did not clear all this. Nazia got married to Wajid and Asghar began to hate Nazia.
But none of them could live happily because they got know the truth after some days of Nazia’s marriage.
Now they were repenting on their mistakes.
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Love is the second name of Trust
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