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 Love, The Greatest Conqueror

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PostSubject: Love, The Greatest Conqueror   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:41 pm

Love stories tell about different kinds of love.Love is the most powerful emotion of this world. It is the reality of everything. Love can conquer every thing even every heart can be won by love. Today I am gonna tell you a real story which tells that love is so much powerful.
There lived a noble family. Mr. Ali was a bank manager and his wife was just a housewife. They had four daughters. Mr. Ali was very honest and he believed in earning honest livelihood. He worked honestly all his life and earned great respect and honour except money. He had a dream that his daughters got married to some nice and educated men. He was really worried about his daughters. His wife was also very nice lady. She always obeyed her husband and lived with him in every thick and thin of life.
Both of them were in search of good boys to marry their daughters. One day Mrs. Ali went to her friend’s house. There he met a very nice lady. Her name was Mrs. Amna. She had two sons and she was in search of good and gorgeous girl belonging to a noble family as her daughter-in-law. Mrs. Ali and Mrs. Amna were very happy to meet each other. After some time both of them went back to their houses.
After some days Mrs. Amna came to know that Mrs. Ali had four daughters. All of her daughters are young, beautiful, talented and gorgeous too. Their family was also very noble and went she came to know that their father was a bank manager then she thought that they must had a lot of money. Their daughter in law would come with huge variety of dowry.
Click here for more Love Stories.
She talked to her husband and he was agreed too. Both of them went to Mr. Ali’s house and tell them that they were interested to make their eldest daughter their daughter in law. Mr. & Mrs. Ali were very much happy. They at once agreed at this proposal. After some days Mayra the eldest daughter came in Mrs. Amna’s house as their daughter in law. But she was not welcomed with open heart because her parents could not give her dowry. They gave their daughter a good breeding and Mayra was very wise and noble girl. Her husband was very much impressed with her wisdom and morality in some days.
Mayra’s mother in law treated her very badly. She gave Mayra mental torture every time and always told her that she was a burden for their family but Mayra always bore all this with great patience. She never said anything in reply and she never argued with her mother in law. She gave her mother in law respect and honour and treated very well with her every time. Mayra’s mother in law always abused Mayra. But Mayra always loved and respected her mother in law.
One day Mayra and her mother in law were alone in the house. Mayra’s mother in law got a sudden heart attack. Nobody was at home. Mayra lifted her mother in law and brought out of the house and stopped a taxi and took her to the hospital. There doctors treated her and they saved her life. After some days Mrs. Amna was fully recovered then doctors told her that she was very lucky to had such great and kind daughter in law.
Mayra looked after her mother in law and Mrs. Amna was also very impressed by her attitude. So Mrs. Amna mended her ways and accepted Mayra as her daughter in law and they lived happily.
As it is proved that Love can conquer the hardest hearts.
For more Love Stories click here.
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Love, The Greatest Conqueror
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