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 Unique in Comparison

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PostSubject: Unique in Comparison   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:37 pm

No one is perfect, but everyone is unique. she was like no one I had ever seen before. she was tall, skinny, blond, and most importantly (concerning looks) she had blue eyes. the type of eyes that you could look in to for hours. I am short, fat, (not too fat. (not really.) she says I am cute from my fat, and she likes my hair.) brown hair and blue eyes. I only possess 1/4 of her positive traits. I deserve nothing more than a small town hooker. she still loves me though, and I will always love her. she loves me simply because I am me. I m not calling her bitch, and neither am I Ignoring her just because I m normally shy. when you love someone, (and as I have learned from past experiences,) they aren’t already in a relationship, you tell them. and you tell them often. I knew I loved her the first time I saw her. she was wearing tight jeans and a wife beater thing that was black. she wasn’t trying to be, but she was. she is one of those people who are beautiful because they aren’t a Skank. yes girls who are skanks they aren’t attractive. and they are just idiots. cheating, lying, sex crazed, monsters. ok maybe that’s tough, but you understand. the point is we are in love with each other. but the devil is always getting his twisted fingers into things. first he killed the way me and her were supposed to have sex…with our virginity. I still have mine but she gave hers to an ass-worshiping jerk. when I said something to him he said it wasn’t my business! NO… you ruined sex for me. it is none of my business. what do I know. obviously you are the superior in this conversation! I didn’t say that but I want to kill him. I cried for days trying to just fix things. I am convinced God is testing me. but when ever it gets too much I lye my head down and imagine myself with her in a pasture alone, just cuddling and holding hands. nothing sexual. although I cant wait to have sex with her. I haven’t kissed her but I have told her I love her and she the same. I want to kiss her and be with her but we cant date because she is 18 and I am 14. and I am not ashamed that I have a soul and I wanted you all to here this even though i m a guy. before I stop I want to take this opportunity to say a few things about some people… If you go around having sex with everyone you will be messing up people’s future, you know the kind of people who actually have sex to show love, for when they are married. also all you gay noob tubes and campers and people who wont be the hero on golden eye, grow some freaking balls. its gosh dang annoying. if you learn nothing else learn this, think about other people, think about how what your doing is going to affect real PEOPLE. REAL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE AS IS. you know. they don’t have to be christian but man it is just great when you know how much God loves you. he loves us so much that he sacrificed his own son so we go to heaven instead of hell, if we believe that he did that, and if we believe it inspires us to do godly things like RESPECTING OTHER PEOPLE.
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Unique in Comparison
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