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 Love Triangle

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PostSubject: Love Triangle   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:21 pm

Just call me Garben 35 years of age and I’m a Mechanical Engineer currently working in Mepz Lapu-Lapu City. my true to life love story below:
Its a story of a guy who loves a girl………and by huge bad luck, that guy is me…Garben- and My Dear:
The story begins as we were together in institute. girl’s name was “Jenny” i don’t want to hurt her so i am not going to tell her real name because she’s going to marry someone else happily…from the first day we liked each other but never had the guts to tell one another. We were good friends and after a long year the guy (which is me) asked for her phone number and she gave it to me.
We started talking talking day and night and night and day. One night she told me that she has a boyfriend and the boy was in true love with her. I never managed to say her that “i m sorry we cant be together” because I love her a lot. I told her that we can spend time together until u get married. Whether she was in love or not, i don’t know, but she said yes…
We started meeting frequently…. and so many memories started taking place…. I always brought chocolates for her… Always dropped her off at her home… We spent hours traveling in metro…. I carried her on her back in front of village because there was dirt on the surface… One day in metro, a lady came in and we both were sitting in the corner seats… the lady started staring me because she expected me to give her my seat to sit, but me and my girl just ignoring her… finally my sweet girl stood up and offered her seat to lady but I stopped her and gave my seat to the lady… then the lady said that she was watching me for a long time and you were not going to give me your seat, but then again my girl is too sweet she has given her seat to me… then i said “yeah, lady, she’s too sweet and that’s why i love her…..
Then the lady went out on her station and my girl whispered in my ear that the woman was saying that “u have a good guy, never let him go…”
When we got closer, she tried to leave me but could not and didn’t know why… One day everything started in a wrong way. Her boyfriend told her not to talk with me and began to avoid me… Finally, her boyfriend saw some of my messages on her mobile phone and started abusing her, torturing her… so she left me……………………………………………………………..
I know why she left me is not because she loves her boyfriend more than me. She left me because I am a guy who loves her but is not good for her future, and the other guy is able to give her everything that she can imagine… I love her unconditionally, without even thinking about my self. My every breath is for her. I never cried when my relative died, I’m still crying for her i don’t know why…………
I love her more than my soul now and i will forever. I don’t have any harsh feelings for her because she did what was good for her and her mom’s future. She’s going to marry this year and i am going to die this year…………. but I do sincerely hope she’ll be happy with him.
again failure is always in my way… Still hurt until now…. Garben..,
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Love Triangle
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