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 Love Story:were in it together…

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PostSubject: Love Story:were in it together…   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:07 pm

it started in high school…the girl was new to this state and school had started two weeks ago.She was so nervous because she had no friends..but it all turned out good to her.One day in the cafeteria she was sitting with two of her new friends when through the window looked a boy,they both gazed at each other…he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen(green)…she fell in love at that very moment.One off her friends noticed them and told her if she wanted to meet him, but she said no only what was his name, the friend answered :i think its Angel.The next day she saw him again with his friends, she started talking to one off them (carrlos)..
he told her his friend wanted to meet her but she got shy and walked away…after 3 periods she was talking to one of her friends and told her ..she said he’ll introduce him to u, i know him his name is miguel Angel. after that period her friend called her out and introduced them..he asked her if he could take her home ..she answered ok. After school on there way home,they meet each other a little that repeated for a week..
The next week a Tuesday ..on there way home they stopped for a drink…and went to the park and he told her he really liked her and if she wanted to be his girlfriend..She sighed and said YES!…they hugged each other and went home..
The next day he asked her if she remembered what had happened …she answered yes i do.He smiled and hugged her so tight. this went on for a month they were both so happy.But on Sept. 16 an accident happened..they both crashed with a few friends, nothing bad happened but his car got rec. She was so sad and told him he had all the right to leave her because she was driving. He intermediately answered NO ..well go threw this together! They both were together for more then 9 months ..but One day she called him and told him they had to talk.
That day he got there as far as he could and told her what was wrong, she sighed and told him i m pregnant…. he smiled and told her will be together forever..smiled and hugged him.
Months passed and he was starting to be different to her..(none of there parents knew about the baby)she was 4 months when she went with one off her friends to get a pregnancy test,Off course Positive. she got home and hid it in her wallet.but that same day her mom found it and told her what did that mean she cried and told her she was pregnant,after that her mom called her husband and told him…but she did not want to talk to anybody…they both separated and time passed he told her he wanted a new life without her…she cried and walked away never looking back.
The baby was born and ..nothing of him a year passed and she realized she really loved him and never stopped loving him…4 months later she received a message from his sister telling her if he could meet the baby…she answered yes why not…the next week they meet without anybody knowing…he told her he really regretted leaving her and he would never stop saying sorry, he wanted to be with both off them..she sighed and dint say anything…he started crying and said he respected her decision, and he would never bother her again…she picked his face up and told him she loved him and he answered back i love you too!…they hugged so tight and crying and kissed. he told her he would do anything to be with her even go against his parents…she smiled and told him they were in it together after that they planned to get married and be together …
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Love Story:were in it together…
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