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 Love Story:Best Friends Ever…

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PostSubject: Love Story:Best Friends Ever…   Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:56 pm

Robbie and I Have been best friends since we were babies, we would fight together, sleep together, i m more of a geek and she is a cheerleader, people don’t believe we were best friends, well they should, cause its never going to end.
‘Hey Robbie, why do people call you Robbie, your really a girl?’ Amy asked.
‘People call her Robbie, cause since i have they copied and called her that, Her real name is Robyn, but she hates it, so i stopped calling her that and called her Robbie, and she calls me Joey, short for Josephine God Dammit’ i said, people can’t even remember my name.
It was 3:15, and we’ve just finished school, it was the last day of school, and summer just started, for Robbie, she was going back to South Africa to visit her grandparents, she was raised by them, but moved to Sydney to live with her parent.
I take her to the airport, she and her brothers Chandler and Ross are waiting for her to hurry up ( Her parents are big friends fans, they were going to name the younger one joey, but my parents already named me that), we hugged and cried, and hugged and cried.
‘I Swear to god, I’ll call you as soon as i get there, don’t forget me to quick Slater, Love you, I’ll never leave you’ Robbie said.
‘I Won’t Walsh, Love you too’ i shouted at her whilst she walked inside the plane.
We spoke for hours, texted each other, missed each other, we even had face time on web came.
Its been almost a month since i haven’t heard from her, i called and called and called, but she never picked, up, i went round to her house and her parents were crying.
‘Whats going on Mr and Mrs Walsh, whats wrong with Robbie, she isn’t picking up her phone’ i asked scared.
‘She’s died sweety, this afternoon, she was hit by a truck, Chandler and Ross are coming back from the airport now’ Mr Walsh said.
I stopped, everything was moving fast, shes dead, that’s all i could say, shes dead, i cried and cried.
Chandler and Ross came an hour later, they came and visited me, they gave me her stuff, her mobile, her lipstick, an old bracelet we had since we were five, i carried on crying.
The funeral came a week after, i looked into her coffin, she looked beautiful, i carried on crying, everyone was there, from our old kindergarten teacher, to our teacher now, all our mates, Amy, Skylaer, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel Cassidys, (there all three sisters, her sisters) were crying.
‘I Love you Robbie Maurie Walsh, your my bestest friend in the whole world and i won’t forget you’ i whispered as i let go of a balloon we had since we were five, it flew in the air and flew and flew.
‘Its going up to the angel now’ Chandler said, placing a hand on my shoulder, we walked off and left her gravestone in peace
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Love Story:Best Friends Ever…
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