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 Love Story:My Complicated Life (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Love Story:My Complicated Life (Part 1)   Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:07 am

I am Dy, and this is my story.
I’m 22 years old, but what happened to me, what I live is so much demand me to be mature.

I started my new work 6 months ago in another island that the distant is 9 hours by vehicle,

A brand new job that I should learn everything about the job, there was the manager that also was the trainer of my skill in this job.
His name is Todd, he is 23 years older than me, he is a foreigner that works in my Country. Todd was attracted to me.

At the first time we met in the company, Todd was fine, Todd was so kindly, he helped me much about the job, but then Todd told me that he liked me, so then I went with the flow.

I had not any feeling for Todd yet, just because he treated me good, so I stuck with him.

But it no longer fine, how Todd act, how Todd speak to me, about his behavior, in some weeks later Todd changed, not treated me as good as before, Todd liked to scream at me, he didn’t care about my feeling, he never listened to me anymore, never really laugh at my jokes – not big deal – I just hate the fake, what the worst is Todd cheated me, twice, in second month of our relationship, that was when I felt I did love him for all my life. I don’t know why I still could forgive Todd and gave him chances not only once.

That’s when Todd never realized it, I saw his affairs, but I kept silent, felt hurt and useless, and forgave him and pretended that there was fine and nothing happened. Though – until now, Todd never confess that he ever cheated and betrayed me, this hurt me so deep.

I’m wondering how many girls Todd has more that he hide from me.
Till one day, there come a man, we met in the company I work, a really good man named Tian, who came to me, spoke to me about each other’s activities, about life, about his job, and I was really interested at his job, he is a cop, but he’s got a part of job to interrogate the suspects, I was curious how to do that (to interrogate Todd about his affairs).

When I was with Tian I felt so comfortable, he always listen to me, he really laugh at my joke, he treated me so good, and he really respect me, the feeling that I wish I could ever had with Todd. Tian made me feel like I was important for him, Tian made me happy even just to talk and sitting close with him, my heart can’t stop beating so rush, a feeling nervous and comfortable mixed in my body when I was with Tian. Then everything was found out by Todd. Todd was really angry to see me talking and walking with Tian, but then Tian and me texted each other,

Tian didn’t know my relationship with the manager, Todd. Then I told Tian all about my relationship, though I should pay that he would leave me when he knew I had relationship, then Tian guessed that the information about interrogation must be for Todd, he knew how bad person is Todd, I still remember Tian’s word “don’t want to hurt u with the truth.”
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Love Story:My Complicated Life (Part 1)
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