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 Foolish Heart

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PostSubject: Foolish Heart   Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:56 am

hello!.. I’m precious and i’m here 2 share my love was our initiation day in our school when my classmate let me to borrow her sim card.. i grab the opportunity and i texted sum1 in her contacts..because i was so curious who he is..he’s name was “wayne”.after i texted him, he called on that no. . i was shocked and i can’t answer the phone because i’m not the owner of the sim..

in our class, i told my classmate what happened that night..she frankly called wayne in our vacant time and she said that i’m the one using the sim card–the one who text him..i was so shy to him.wayne ask me if i could answer his call this night..i can’t refuse to say “no” he said, he called me that night..and all started our friendship.. he told me that he will talk to me in our campus and i said yes..but it was also the time we need to go to pampanga so i told him about that wen he notice that i didn’t go to school…

he started to court me that was my first time to allow guys to become one of my suitors..for a month, we became officially “ON”..we’ve been always 2gether and we bond a lot..there are times that i get jealous and also him to my friends who are boys.. it was our 2nd monthsary,we agreed that we will attend the commonly called as misa de gallo..but i was fall asleep and didn’t feel the time..he was going back and forth to our house but no one get out..he called many times, i woke up late and i am truly apologizing to him and accepts it…

when my brother knew about our relationship.he was so mad because he doesn’t want me to have a BF at a early age.i explained 2 him but he never listens..i and wayne were rarely to go out..

it was our 6months and i feel that he was cold to me wen i called.. i think so wide and deep.. wen i saw him so sweet to other girl which is his friend i really got jealous and mad 2 him..cuz i thought that, that girl replace me in his heart.. i BROKE up with him.and never neither text nor called him..i was so hurt that time..

after how many months, he called me.. i didn’t know if i’m going to answer it because my heart beats so fast..we talked a lot and he told me that it was all a game that i saw between his friend..i didn’t know why he need to told me that and he said, NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU HERE IN MY HEART,BECAUSE YOUR MY ONLY ONE,MY ONLY LOVE..i don’t make a noise.i’m so silent that moment..

but now i’m happy with my new relationship after 9months being single..i hope that it will never be the same to the first one..

i wish that there is a continuation in our story..
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Foolish Heart
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